Dosage and Administration

Moxxor is a high-powered supplement! Although technically the milligram amounts are small, the constituents are highly bioavailable. Therefore, the dose of Moxxor does not need to be as high as many other products.

NOTE: There are 60 capsules in each bottle of Moxxor.

Directions for Humans

If you (or other human family members) have not been taking any Omega-3s supplements prior to starting Moxxor, then it may be helpful to take four to six capsules per day until the body gets “caught up,” then reduce to the standard tw0-per-day regimen.

Directions for Pets

For a healthy cat or small-to-medium sized dog, one capsule every one or two days, is perfectly adequate.  For larger dogs, one or two capsules per day is sufficient.

For smaller animals in a state of Omega-3 deficiency, give up to two capsules per day; for larger dogs, up to four capsules per day.

Directions for Health Issues

For people or animals facing a health challenge, of course, more may be better (though MOXXOR is concentrated so there’s no need to go overboard!). Omega-3s benefit the heart, kidneys, skin, nervous system, and immune system. Therefore, a higher dose of Omega-3s is may be helpful for pets with similar issues. Give up to two capsules per day for cats or small dogs, or 6 capsules per day for large dogs.


The Moxxor capsule’s tiny size makes it easy to take yourself, as well as to give to pets directly by mouth. Its mild but intriguing smell may even make it a fun treat for some animals to eat by itself! It will easily fit in a Pill Pocket® for pets who accept those, and it can also be wrapped in cheese or slathered with peanut butter as a treat for dogs.

However, for very fussy or mouth-shy pets, you can puncture the end of a capsule with a pin and squeeze the oil onto food; mix well for very picky pets.

Of course, always let your veterinarian know what supplements you are giving your pet.

6 Responses to Dosage and Administration

  1. Dee says:

    I have been instructed by my cats cardiologist to give my 12.5 pound cat Omega 3 oil, specifically 140mg of DHA and 220mg of EPA per day. He has progressing HCM and has lost 1/2 a half pound in the last 6 months. He is on Atenolol, Clopidogrel and Benazepril.
    He has never been food motivated with anything, I have tried it all over the years, so it is difficult for me to put Omega 3 oil on his food. He eats Origen dry food and is almost completely disinterested in canned food. He is however very easy to pill. This is what led me to the Moxxor site…the SMALL SIZE of the pills. There is no specific information on the mg’s of DHA and EPA. Is this something that you could inform me of?
    Thank you,

    • Team Holistic Vet says:

      Hi Dee, thanks for your comment!

      Each 350 mg MOXXOR capsule contains 4.7% EPA and 3% DHA; they are very low milligram amounts, but because they are so bioavailable, they have a more potent effect in the body than large amounts of other source oils. The unique thing about MOXXOR is that it contains all 18 forms of Omega-3s, many of which have not been studied at all. One of them, ETA, has been studied a little, and it appears to be far more potent as an anti-inflammatory than either EPA or DHA. Because we see better results even with the tiny amounts in MOXXOR, I believe that it is the synergism of fatty acids that produce those results. But if your vet specifically wants those large milligram amounts, then MOXXOR is not going to work for you.

  2. Dunja says:

    I have 4 cats and have had real problems with them accepting fish oils. They will not eat their food with fish oils, and I tried many. This is all solved now with Moxxor, since the pills are so small… I can easily hide them in their food and they will eat it. And 2 of my cats even eat the pills straight up. Unbelievable! I give my healthy cats 1 pill every other day and the one cat that has itchy skin, I give her 1 pill every day. So far it’s worked wonders for her. She no longer seems to itch and lick constantly. I am really happy with these results. Can I continue long term with 1 pill a day?

    • Team Holistic Vet says:

      Hey, that’s great news! Absolutely, you can give her 1 capsule per day forever. It’s very safe.

      With fish oils, they say to discontinue 2 weeks before any planned surgery (including dental procedures), but Moxxor does not work the same way and doesn’t thin the blood, so you don’t even have to worry about that!

      So glad to hear your kitties are doing so well!

  3. Julie says:

    Hi, 17 year old cat weighing 9lbs was just diagnosed with kidney disease. Can you recommend how many Moxxor should be given? Vet is not able to dose it for me.


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